Friday, 27 September 2013

Sammy and myself about to go through the gates at the airport

So this is where my adventure begins.
We headed off through the gates, onto customs, then waited to board our flight. I couldn't believe I just said goodbye to my family for 2 months and was about to hop onto a plane to visit my bestest friend in England, it was all so surreal. Of course the flight was long, we stopped over at Hong Kong and in total I think I watched like 2 movies and 10 tv shows. 
So we got of the plane at Heathrow and my excitement was ridiculous, I mean I was finally seeing my best friend after a whole year. The time came and that moment was amazing.

First up to try and beat the heavy jet lag we had was to stay active so Millie- (I should introduce my friends before I go anyy further; Millie is my bestfriend who moved to England a year ago, Sammy is my friend who lives in Aus and was also visiting millie) took us into brighton for some lunch and too look around. 
Of course we had to get frozen yogurt

Beautiful lanes of Brighton

Can I just say that Brighton is one of my favourite places in the world Ive been to so far. I mean the whole vibe it just amazing. The shops are so cute, the cafes are cute, the lanes are adorable. I would love to live there. Don't get me started on Jack Wills, Im a girl who loves her brands, and when I walked into that shop, I was in a daze, loved loved loved it.

Next day we went into a little country township called Lewes. Lewes is a very traditional town with lots of old buildings with history behind them. Nearly every shop had little tiny doors, it was just a lovely place to visit.

Sammy and I at the Changing of the Guards, Buckingham palace
Sunset at Buckingham Palace
London is full with crazy characters

You know the classic tourist shots, big ben and a telephone box

St. Pauls Cathedral 

Not going to Lie, Sammy and I were pretty chuffed with ourselves getting a action shot outside Buckingham Palace

London wow what can I say. Easily my future city, without a doubt. I cannot express to you all my  love for London. This is was a pretty jam packed day, but the most amazing day of my life. 

Kings College, Cambridge

Never left my camera's side

I had to put this in here. The most impressive hot chocolate, I have ever  recieved.

Frolicking in the poppy fields

We then headed off to Cambridge for a couple of days to stay with Millie's Grandparent's who live there. Amazing once again, the university and colleges was a whole new insight for me and actually quite breathtaking. We drove past the field of poppy's and could not, not stop, it was just beautiful.

Absolutely loved this

In Churchill's Garden, waddap

Next couple of days we did a bit off everything. Exploring a little more of London, even found a mystery park which we chilled in for hours and saw 'Wicked' the musical at the Apollo Victoria in London.

Outside Abbey Road Studios

On the London Eye

I really could not get enough of London. We walked on the tower bridge to the tower of London. Then went up on the London Eye which was incredible. And this is one of my favourites, we went to Abbey Road, and walked across the famous crossing. Even Abbey Road itself was fun, there was a bunch of tourist either sides of the crossing wanting to get there perfect snap but the locals weren't fans of that haha.

Hove, Beach huts
Sunset on the Pier

Old Pier

Brighton Pier

Some polaroids I took :)

Last day together 

The trip is coming towards and end. We decided to leave Brighton Pier rides till the last night which was a very fun night and a great way to end it all. 

So obviously I could off made a whole log of every single day of my trip but I thought it would be a whole lot more interesting to look at some photographs I took and some of my favourite moments. Even after showing you 30 photos I feel like I'm not showing you even half of it.

But to wrap it all up it was the best experience of my life. The memories us three made I literally will cherish forever. I had the funnest times exploring Brighton, Cambridge and London and really made me realise that I want to live there when Im older. London was perfect, the shopping, the history, the buildings, the restaurants, everything. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I got to travel across the world and do some incredible stuff with the girls I love the most.
Im going to stop myself before I ramble on and on and on.

I hoped you guys liked my part 1 to my "Kendle Travel Adventures" series and enjoyed looking at some of my photography and even saw the wacky side of me. I will be posting part 2 very shortly so stay tuned for that.

I know this is going on forever but just a side note, Im not sure if you would have notice but I'm in the process of changing my blog name to 'Kendle' and 'itskendle' so don't get confused I was katexo!

Thank you for reading, please follow my blog and have a lovely day.
 Kendle, x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I guess its been a while...

Hey everyone!

I guess I should re-introduce myself because its been months (there's a good reason, I promise)

My name is Kate and I'm 16 from Sydney, Australia. Okay thats all you really need to know.

I started this blog ages ago, and I love having it and I wish I payed more attention to it, but I have been away overseas for a couple of months and it has just been crazy. 

I hoped on plane for what felt like forever to the magical city of London to visit my best friend who moved there a year ago, and I can't put it into words how amazing that trip was. It was the best few weeks of my life.

I then hoped on the plane at Heathrow in tears because of saying another goodbye to bestie and leaving my dream city. But I was heading over to South Africa! ready for another adventure that was about to begin (I know what you're thinking, why would a 16 year old girl go from London to South Africa by herself). I was heading to Cape Town for a school exchange. That was incredible experience that I was so lucky to be apart off. It was definitely a culture shock for me but Cape Town is such a stunning city.

So In total I was abroad for 2 months, crazy hey! 

So I'm back and ready to blog more than ever! 
I've decided to do blog my travels and do some hauls for you all because I kind of bought a lot in both fashion and beauty. I'll split it all up and call it 'Kate's Travel Adventures' (creative I know :)
Im really excited to do this but please let me know if you would be interested in that.

I've also made a short film from England. Its mainly little videos of me and my friends and my travels. So if you are interested in that comment and I can put it on my youtube channel for you all to see.

I promise this blog will get alot more exciting and I can't wait to get it up and running again.

Talk to you all very soon.
Have a lovely day,
Kate xo