Sunday, 31 March 2013

hello everyone!
As I'm just starting my new blog I thought I would post one more just to get things rolling.  I decided that today I would fill my favourite box with some of my favourite items and share them with you. 

My first item that I have in my box is my journal. I got my journal from a shop called 'Tree of life' for around $10 and absolutely love it! I love this note book, its so cute and a bit different, its got lots of bright colours and cute patterns.I got it around the middle of last year and ever since then I write down everything like blog ideas, my thoughts, experiences, some of my favourite quotes and even some photographs I love. I find it a really fun thing to do and would advise you all to start doing it as its a nice thing to look back on and as corny as this sounds its somewhere you can write whatever you're feeling and express yourself.

The next item i've selected is one of my favourite candles ever. Its called red roses and it comes in a pretty pink tin and is around $7. I love the scent of this candle and I always have it lit in my bedroom at night and is just a sweet thing that warms up my room a bit. I love candles, I think they look so pretty and majority of them smell amazing and they're relatively cheap, so thats one thing I think is a must have in any bedroom!

Ive also selected my hair donut, I love this thing and I think it suits pretty much any outfit and looks gorgeous. I have my hair up in this type of bun when I go out and also just relaxing at home. You can get these donuts Im pretty sure at most salons or even supermarkets, I got mine for $8. They come in different sizes and colours, I got the large one as my hair is quite long and got black (oops) as that was the only colour left. If anyone is interested I would love to do a blog on how to do them and style them as its definitely one of my favourite hairstyles.

The fourth item I have chosen is my Revlon mascara. This is my favourite mascara that Ive tried out so far, its called CustomEyes and has two settings. The first setting you can choose from is 'Length and Definition' which is suitable for the day while the other setting 'Length and Drama' creates a more glamorous volume which is more suited for a night out. Luckily for me I have a friend who's family works with Revlon so she gave me this for free, but I've done some research and says it costs around $23 and can be bought at places like Priceline or Myer etc.

The second last item or items Ive selected are my O.P.I nail polishes. Honestly I have a collection of O.P.I nail polishes and have lots and lots of colour's but Ive chosen 3 that I love to wear. The first one is called 'Pink Flamenco' and is a very bright pink and looks adorable on, Im not sure if you can tell but Im a big fan of the colour pink. The second one is called 'Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?' which is a lovely purple shade which I love to wear on my toes. The last one is called 'No Room For The Blues' which is a very nice blue colour as blue is one of my favourite colours to wear and again looks great on. These nail polishes cost around $15-$20 and can be found pretty much everywhere as O.P.I is a very popular brand.

The last item I have chosen is very suitable for today is my chocolate easter egg! Just wanted to say a very happy easter, I hope you had a fabulous day and got lots of chocolate!

So there is my box of goodies, I hope you enjoyed reading some of my favourite items that I've selected, I tried not to ramble on too much. Once again I would really love if you could follow me and leave some comments as I would love to hear from you. Maybe you could do your own box of goodies and tell me what you've come up with :)

Until next time! x x x

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Holla everyone, this is officially my first blog ever! I'm super excited. Its taken me days to figure out what I could write about in my first blog and be a bit of fun. I stumbled across a lot of bloggers writing 25 facts about themselves, I love reading these and I thought what better way for you all to get to know me then to write some facts about my weird self!

Lets get started:

1. Going to concerts would have to be one of my favourite things to do (I just get some sort of thrill out of it)

2. Daises are my favourite flowers

3. Birds scare me. A lot.

4. Winter is my favourite season. (even though Im from Australia and our summers are hot and lovely) there is just something about winter that I love

5. I love to sing but the thought of singing in front of anyone petrifies me

6. Italian and Mexican are my two favourite cuisines 

7. I love decorating and changing my room around

8. Im a horrible cook but I love to bake

9. I could pretty much listen to music everyday for the rest of my life if I had to

10. Probably one of the weirdest and unusual facts about me is that I have a fear of chewing gum.. I believe its called Chiclephobia

11. Art is my favourite subject

12. People say I have an extremely long tongue...

13. Im very much a chocoholic but not a big fan of lollies

14. Photography, film making and editing is my favourite thing to do

15. I'm not a big fan of the beach, I would much prefer a day in the city

16. Im a very shy person unless I know you really well

17. Strawberries and Mangoes are my favourite fruits

18. I have an obsession with travelling (so much that I  have put a map on my wall and pinned all the places I want to travel to when I'm older)

19. When I'm home alone I play around with all my makeup

20. Clowns scare me so much I start to hyperventilate when I see a photo of one

21. I'm addicted to the television series 'Full House', I cant get enough of it

22. I hate seafood so much it makes me feel sick when I see it or smell it

23. I love fashion, shopping and styling different outfits 

24. Im one of the rare people who hate fizzy drinks

25. Im trying to teach myself to play the ukulele

So thats 25 facts about me, I hope you're not to weirded out by some of my interesting traits.

I really hope you liked my first blog.
It would mean the world If you could follow me, I'll be posting some beauty posts very soon! 
It would be amazing if you commented on some of your favourite blogs and some suggestions.

I'll speak to you very, very soon xo